How long does it take to recharge its battery?

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various instruments that operate with a memory (eg engine control unit or comfort equipment) as well as the vehicle’s on-board computer and alarm.

The battery is discharging on its own. This is a natural phenomenon, which is accelerated by strong temperature variations. The battery loses efficiency during the winter. It discharges excessively by supplying the starter, when the engine is switched on. How to compensate for this loss? The alternator charges the battery when the vehicle is moving. But when the driver makes only short journeys, the alternator is not able to recharge the battery. A simple reload generally solves the problem.

The life of a battery that is always undercharged is significantly reduced. In addition, completely discharging a battery can lead to irreversible destruction, forcing you to replace it.

In modern vehicles, which have electronic equipment, a poorly charged battery can cause many technical problems. The dashboard can, for example, signal malfunctions in the safety system (airbags, sensors, etc.).

We therefore recommend that you recharge your battery regularly. The operation significantly increases its lifespan and saves you many problems with your vehicle.

How long does it take to recharge its battery?

First of all, in order to be able to recharge its battery, it must be connected to a car battery charger. Plugged into a standard outlet, it is very easy to use.

. If the chargers and boosters of the latest generation have a protection device in the event of pole reversal, older models are not necessarily equipped with it. As the devices are standardized, the red cable will be connected to the positive (+) terminal, while the black cable will be connected to the negative (-) terminal. Note that the positive terminal of the battery is the larger of the two. Be careful because a bad connection can damage the battery.

In winter, place the battery for a few hours in a heated room. In order for battery charging to begin, the electrolyte must regain its properties. However, this is only possible at room temperature.

How long does it take to charge your car battery? The answer depends on several factors, mainly the power of the charger, the capacity of the battery and its level of charge.

How long does it take to charge a fully discharged battery?

With a charger for regulating the intensity of the current, a large battery (65-70 Ah) can for example be fully charged in 10 hours by a current of an intensity of 8.5 A. We recommend that you consult the equipment charge indicator to prevent overcharging the battery or overheating, which could irreparably damage the battery.

Recharging a battery with a low intensity current, for example 4 A, is a longer operation. Charging a high capacity battery can take up to 20 hours. But we still advise you to use a low current, because it is safer. The operation will not damage the battery.

You can perform a simple calculation. As a general rule, a battery must be recharged with a current of an intensity equal to 10% of its capacity. In other words, the most common battery, the capacity of which is 45 Ah, must be recharged with a current with an intensity of 4 A. In this case, how long should the battery be recharged? The battery should not be charged for more than 10 hours. But we recommend that you check the charger indicator.

Automatic chargers are increasingly popular. This type of equipment does not allow the intensity of the current to be adjusted, it determines the intensity required automatically. When using it, you only need to pay attention to the battery charge level indicator.

With which instrument should the battery be recharged?

The best solution is to use an automatic charger, particularly in the case of modern batteries (AGM for start & stop vehicles in particular). In addition to jumper cables for use in an emergency, there are now boosters, allowing a faulty battery to be recharged in a few minutes.

To avoid a possible short circuit, it is advisable to disassemble or disconnect the battery before connecting it to the charger. It is sometimes impossible to disassemble the batteries of modern vehicles. If so, you need to charge the battery without disassembling it.

Charge your battery well

If you are unsure how long your battery needs to be charged, how to connect the charger or which charger to choose, do not hesitate to consult the Vulco specialists. Especially if your vehicle is equipped with complete electronic equipment!

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